frequently asked Questions

Yes. Many restaurateurs are already using the Turtleneck® Straw and their feedback has been consistently positive. Above all, due to its unique design and feel, but also the pleasant feeling it gives when drinking, the Turtleneck® Straw is well received and rated better by guests than, for example, a paper straw. Its flexible end piece makes drinking easier, is modern and cool and is popular with guests of all ages. Above all, the idea that environmental protection does not mean sacrifice at the same time, but can also be fun, is generally perceived very positively by guests.

Our reusable straw is dishwasher safe and can therefore be cleaned quickly and without leaving any residue in the dishwasher like the rest of the dishes and cutlery. Compared to common straws made of metal or stainless steel, the Turtleneck® Straw has a large opening so that the water can flow through even better during cleaning. By the way, the material of our straw alternative also ensures that the Turtleneck® Straw is at least as hygienic to clean as, for example, a glass straw. Because our stainless steel is extremely robust and durable and can easily withstand temperatures of up to 80 degrees in the dishwasher - germs and viruses are removed just as safely as beverage residues.

The Tick Mark certification by Intertek® confirms that the Turtleneck® Straw can be cleaned in the dishwasher without leaving any residue.

We have developed a special stainless steel washing basket insert for around 50 drinking straws for the catering industry.

Based on experience, the shrinkage of the Turtleneck® Straw can be assessed as minimal. Of course, at the beginning this can be a little higher because our reusable straw is unique and new. If you have your own logo, this loss will certainly be easier to get over and will also ensure a lasting advertising effect. To minimize waste, it also helps to offer Turtleneck® Straw for purchase to customers. We would be happy to assist you with various solutions.

We do not have a minimum order quantity in the classic sense. You are welcome to order your straw alternative from us in the quantity you need. Individual laser engraving is possible with us for orders of 100 pieces or more.