Move more through cooperation! HalmBrüder GmbH x Nuts Innovations AG

Durch Kooperation mehr bewegen! HalmBrüder GmbH x Nuts Innovations AG - HalmBrüder - Turtleneck Straw, biegsame Edelstahl Strohhalme

After more than a year now at HalmBrüder GmbH, we are pleased to announce our new partnership with Nuts Innovations AG.

The Swiss company led by managing director Herbert Widmer and his partner Oliver Pankrath has made it its mission to produce and sell sustainable, natural and plastic-free products. With the common goal of offering sustainable and intelligent alternatives to disposable and plastic packaging through innovative products, both companies pursue the same vision.

Nuts Innovations AG's sustainable product range includes a number of different beeswax products that enable sustainable, beautiful and plastic-free packaging of food. These include various beeswax cloths, snack bags, bread bags and other sustainable kitchen accessories. Only natural materials such as cotton (organic), beeswax, coconut oil and tree resin are used to manufacture all products.

Even in its early years, Nuts Innovations AG has a large sales network with customers such as Edeka, Interspar, Globus, DM and many more. As a partner of HalmBrüder GmbH, NUTS Innovations AG will pass on its expertise and competence in the distribution of sustainable products in the future and will take over the distribution of Turtleneck® Straws in the specialist trade and retail sector in Germany and Austria.

We look forward to a successful and long-term collaboration!

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