Sustainable giving

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Especially in today's world, when climate change and environmental problems are an integral part, it is more important than ever to pay attention to sustainability and to question our consumer behavior. This not only includes the shopping days in the city or the late night online shopping sessions, but also buying gifts. Sustainable and conscious giving allows us to spread joy while at the same time taking care of the environment and assuming social responsibility. Here are some tips on how to make gift giving more sustainable.

1. Conscious choice of gifts

The first option we can pay attention to when purchasing sustainable gifts is to choose gifts consciously. Instead of being influenced by short-lived trends or advertising, we should ask ourselves whether the gift is actually useful and meaningful. It is important to focus on quality rather than quantity and to choose products that are durable and well made.

2. Give experiences and time

An alternative to material gifts is to give experiences or time together. This saves resources and allows us to give our loved ones an unforgettable time together. The possibilities are endless here: concert tickets for your favorite band, a trip into nature together or a wellness weekend. Here you can let your creativity run wild.

3. Homemade gifts

Homemade gifts are also a great way to reduce consumption and pay attention to sustainability. In addition, handmade gifts have a special personal touch and are often very appreciated. Here too, there are no limits to creativity: whether it's self-knitted clothing, hand-painted ceramics or homemade candles. The joy is guaranteed to be huge! By making gifts, we save resources and at the same time show our appreciation for the person receiving the gift.

4. Supporting sustainable companies

Another way to consider sustainable alternatives when purchasing gifts is to purchase gifts from companies that support environmentally friendly practices and ethical standards. There are a growing number of companies committed to fair trade, environmentally friendly production and social responsibility. By purchasing from such companies, we help build a more sustainable economy.

GIVEAJOY gift boxes as a gift option

GIVEAJOY is a startup that produces unique gift boxes. They have developed gift boxes that make it child's play to show appreciation to your loved ones and bring great joy with unique gifts. GIVEAJOY relies on sustainable products from local startups, local raw materials and local production for their gift boxes. They make sure that no corporate goods packaged in plastic packaging are offered in their gifts. Are you still looking for a suitable gift? Then take a look here at GIVEAJOY.

Author: Michelle Schmal - Marketing Manager at GIVEAJOY

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