Which Turtleneck® Straw is right for which drink?

Welcher Turtleneck® Straw ist für welches Getränk der Richtige? - HalmBrüder - Turtleneck Straw, biegsame Edelstahl Strohhalme

Which Turtleneck® Straw is the right drink for which drink?

Whether at parties, in restaurants or in the cinema – plastic straws are a constant companion for every drink. And first of all, for good reason. Because they ensure carefree drinking pleasure, make your drink stand out visually and can be disposed of easily and without much cleaning effort after use.

This has been over since 2021. With around 40 billion straws used every year, single-use plastic straws also make up the largest proportion of single-use plastic and are therefore contributing their own part to the fact that our world is slowly turning into a gigantic trash can. The European Union has long since responded to the increasing environmental pollution caused by plastic waste and passed an EU-wide ban on single-use plastic products in 2018, which came into force in 2021. This primarily affects disposable items such as cotton swabs, plastic dishes or food packaging made of Styrofoam - and also the plastic straw, which has been indispensable until now.

Even though the Union has taken an important step towards getting back under control of the flood of plastic, it is precisely this ban that is now posing major problems for restaurants, social facilities, old people's and nursing homes and people with disabilities. Because they are usually dependent on the functionality and feel of a disposable straw in their everyday lives and now have to look for practical and, above all, bendable alternatives. Manufacturers have long since responded to the impending ban and brought a variety of new drinking straw alternatives onto the market. But all reusable drinking straws have weaknesses and, above all, they are not suitable for every drink or every glass.

The Turtleneck® Straw – sustainability that is fun and doesn’t exclude anyone

With the Turtleneck ® Straw we have created a reusable drinking straw made of stainless steel that eliminates all the weaknesses of previous alternatives to plastic straws, is in no way inferior to it in terms of function and feel and is simply fun. And it also looks good and can be used by anyone - whether in the catering industry or in social facilities, at home or on the go.

This is ensured on the one hand by its flexible mouthpiece, which can be used straight OR bent and is in no way inferior to the original in terms of function and feel. The use of high-quality stainless steel with the material quality seal DIN 1.4301 makes our reusable drinking straw extremely robust and stable, and it is also food-safe, dishwasher-safe and free of harmful substances. This guarantees maximum safety and hygiene as well as a longer period of use of our reusable drinking straw compared to other drinking straw alternatives.

As with many other drinking straw options, there is no need to compromise on the drinking experience. This is ensured by the rounded edges and the large opening, which allows optimal flow of even viscous drinks and soups and makes it easier to absorb an optimal amount of liquid. Swallowing or excessive exertion when drinking are excluded, as are cuts that can occur due to chewing on the straw. Our stainless steel is not only shatterproof, but also flexible and, unlike glass, gives way under strong pressure without breaking.

Thanks to its large opening and good flow, our stainless steel drinking straw can be cleaned easily and without leaving any residue, making it just as hygienic as a glass drinking straw. Simply bend the drinking straw straight and clean it in the cutlery basket of the dishwasher or with the cleaning brush provided - done.

What drink can I drink with the Turtleneck® Straw?

The Turtleneck ® Straw is a flexible alternative to plastic straws in every respect. With three different lengths and a comparatively large diameter of 8.5 mm, there is the right size for every glass and every drink, from thick soups to an XXL caipirinha.

The small Turtleneck ® Straw with its length of 15 cm is the ideal solution for all drinks that are usually enjoyed from small glasses. It can be used to enjoy cocktails and short drinks such as whiskey sours or Manhattans, as well as long drink creations from tumblers, martini and wine glasses. And our little all-rounder is also the perfect alternative to plastic straws for hot shots like the B52. In contrast to the original, our stainless steel straw always retains its shape even in the heat and stays pleasantly cool in the mouth even with warm drinks. With its 8.5 mm diameter, soups can also be consumed optimally.

Our medium-sized Turtlenec ® Straw is the “big brother” of our little all-rounder. With its 22 cm, the medium-sized Turtleneck ® Straw is the ideal drinking straw alternative for warm drinks such as coffee, latte or tea and cool cocktails as well as soft drinks from medium-sized glasses. And thanks to its 8.5 mm diameter, you can also enjoy smoothies, for example.

For everyone who likes their drinks to be a little bigger, the large Turtleneck ® Straw is the perfect alternative to plastic straws. With its 28 cm, cold and warm drinks up to a size of 500 ml can be drunk just as relaxed as Long Island Ice Tea from the large cocktail glass and Caipirinha in the XXL version.

Which Turtleneck® Straw do I use for which glass?

Different drinks need different sizes to develop their full flavor. Because a Manhattan will always taste better from a glass than from a tumbler. It is therefore important that reusable drinking straws are adaptable enough to be used flexibly with different glass sizes and shapes.

The Turtleneck ® Straw also meets this requirement and not just because of its flexible mouthpiece.

  • Our small reusable drinking straw is ideal for hot and cold drinks from shot glasses, small drinking glasses, tumblers, martini glasses and wine glasses.
  • The medium-sized Turtleneck ® Straw is not only suitable for smoothies, soft drinks and lattes, but also for all drinks up to a bottle and glass size of 0.33L and coffee and tea glasses.
  • If you like your drinks a little larger, the large Turtleneck ® Straw is a good choice. Because it is suitable for all hot and cold drinks up to a bottle and glass size of 0.5L as well as large and XXL cocktail glasses.


The Turtleneck ® Straw is the first bendable alternative to the plastic straw made of robust stainless steel that is in no way inferior to the original. Whether in the catering industry, in social facilities or at home – our Turtleneck ® Straw is the perfect drinking straw alternative for anyone who wants to take the step towards a sustainable lifestyle without having to forego comfort, use or design. In addition to its flexible mouthpiece, the reusable drinking straw also differs significantly from other reusable alternatives due to its flexible application options. Because three different lengths and a large opening make it a versatile all-rounder for all drinks and glass shapes. From shots and soups to latte macchiatos and XXL cocktail glasses – we have the right length for every drink and every glass and bottle shape.

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